Get Money for Your Unwanted Jewelry in Star, ID

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Do you have old jewelry lying around or taking up space in your jewelry box? Sell your gold at Star Diamonds and Gold in Star, ID. You'll work closely with a professional gold buyer who will appraise your gold collection and offer you a fair buyback price.

Visit us in Star, ID to sell your gold jewelry collection today.

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Learn more about our gold buying process

Selling unwanted jewelry is a great way to make some extra cash and clear out space in your jewelry box. At Star Diamonds and Gold, we offer a fast and easy gold buying process that includes:

  • Determining carat size - We'll inspect the quality of gold and its carat size.
  • Weighing the gold - The weight of the gold will determine the buyback price.
  • Estimates and payments - We provide honest and reasonable buyback quotes.

We can remove gemstones from jewelry before you sell your gold, so you can use your stones for other pieces. Contact our gold buyer in Star, ID to schedule an appraisal today; call 208-286-9192.