Fix Damaged Jewelry Right Away

Get jewelry repair services in Star, ID

Has your watch stopped working? Are the prongs on your diamond ring wearing out? When your watch or necklace clasp breaks, you don't have to say goodbye forever. Star Diamonds and Gold provides complete jewelry repair services in Star, ID. Our professionals have experience working with all jewelry brands and can provide long-lasting and seamless jewelry or watch repair services.

Trust our professionals to restore your favorite jewelry. Contact us in Star, ID to discuss your watch repair needs. Call 208-286-9192 today.

Don't let your jewelry fall into disrepair

Fine jewelry is delicate and often requires experience and precision when dealing with intricate and small pieces. Bring your broken jewelry to Star Diamonds and Gold for:

  • Clasp replacements
  • Gemstone remounts
  • Size alterations

Keep your fine jewelry in top condition. Visit our jewelry store in Star, ID for high-quality jewelry repair today.